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Park Hoog Oostduin
"Our design vision was to create a spacious residence that would feel like a big loft. To achieve this, we used the height when determining the layout and allowed the steel structure to remain visible in various places. The outcome is a unique blend where industrial meets luxury."
"There are three zones: a reception zone, a social zone and a private zone, which can be separated using wooden rotating partitions and metal sliding doors. We chose a blend of rich natural stone: the roughness is in keeping with the raw industrial theme. The kitchen island is the heart of the home. It is topped with Ceppo stone, which references concrete in both look and feel. The kitchen connects the reception area with the social zone. The apartment is fully surrounded by a large terrace, allowing each zone to have its own outdoor space. The terrace offers views over both land and sea, creating the ultimate penthouse feel. A smaller residence is attached to the main apartment. This residence is ideal for guests or live-in staff, giving them their own space away from the occupants of the main apartment. The strength of the design lies in the option to create private spaces to which residents can retreat, within a completely open-plan design. More information? Visit:"

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