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De KOOPman has successfully inaugurated its second store in Tilburg. The store is located in the former Hudson’s Bay building, filling three of its floors for now. The new design concept is very efficient. It reuses existing materials and interior elements from the former department store. As well as former furniture and interior elements of The Sting Companies. The rebranding and graphic design of the concept complete the look the of the store.
The new store, which is part of The Sting Companies, occupies an area of around 13.000m2. De KOOPman makes use of a large empty building in the city centre and, with minimal adjustments on the current interior, it has been given a totally new feeling. After the big success during the opening day and the first weeks, the company feels confident on staying longer than expected in the city. Although the label originally was meant to sell the old stocks from The Sting brands, they now also have a concept of their own. De KOOPman offers the possibility of buying good-quality clothes for a good price and that is something that was missing in the city.

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